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General Fasteners for industry All Available in BZP, Galv & Stainless Steel

  • Hex HT Bolts & Setscrews, Nuts incl. Fullnut, Half Nut, Nylon Insert, all metal locking nut, Dome nuts, Wing Nuts, weld nuts.
  • Washers including, Forms A / B / C / G. Repair washers, Spring Locking & Shakeproof washers
  • Socket Screw Products including Caps, CSK & Button Heads. Machine screws & Self Tapping screws in PAN, CSK, CHEESE & RAISED HEAD

Constructional Fixings

  • Through Bolt & Sleeve Anchors, Chemical Anchors, Shield Anchors.
  • Masonry Fixings including Frame Fixings, Hammer fixings, Concrete screws. Nylon & Plastic wall plugs
  • Foundation Bolting
  • Woodscrews of all types
  • Self-Drill (Tek) Screws for light & heavy section steel.
  • Drywall Screws, collated and loose.

Sheet Metal Fastenings

  • Clinch fastenings including Studs, Nuts & Stand off’s
  • Weld Studs, Rivet Bushes, Blind (Pop) Rivets & Rivnuts


  • HSS Fully Ground Drill bits, Cobalt Drill bits, Masonry Drills SDS+
  • Holesaws, Jigsaw & Reciprocating Saw blades. Hacksaw & Knife Blades.
  • Driver Bits, Bit holders, Self-Drill screw drivers.
  • Abrasive Discs for Cutting, Grinding & Finishing.
  • Diamond Blades & Circular Saw Blades

Industrial Aerosols from ACTION CAN & S.A.S

Hand Tools from:
Draper, Sealey, Pro-Force, Laser & Teng Tools